Mullet Hairstyle

This stunning ginger-haired beauty rocks an elongated, razor-cut layered hairstyle. The hair has been carefully cut to specific lengths at the bangs, sides, and neck areas, all designed to highlight the model's long, graceful neck and sleek jawline.

While technically classified as a mullet, this hairstyle stands out with its textured and soft appearance, far more flattering than traditional mullet styles.
The makeup on the model aims to enhance the bright glow of her green eyes. The red wine eyeshadow, pink blush, and muted wine lip color all accentuate the green hues of her eyes, beautifully complementing her fiery ginger hair.
Her dress showcases sweetheart detailing in the bodice, along with an additional yoke featuring a contrasting stripe pattern. The cut-away detailing at the bosom incorporates ties for modesty. The lightweight fabric (likely rayon) features a graduated stripe pattern, and the cut of the dress cleverly utilizes these varying stripes to create contrast and a geometric sensibility. With this fun and sexy look, our ginger girl is all set for a party.
Geova - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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