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Retro Inspired Short Hairstyle

This retro-inspired hairstyle combines elements of the "bouffant" look with its high-volume crown, and the more modern side-swept fringe and neatly tucked-behind-the-ears sides. The cut is a short stacked look, with the longest layers on the top and crown areas, and sharply tapering sides (maintaining sufficient length to perform the ear-tucking).
The style can be easily achieved using a few rollers in the crown area (or a large barrel curling iron) for lift and blow-dry styling with a round brush for the rest of the hair to direct it and keep it smooth.

The make-up here is also inspired by fifties-and-sixties-era fashion with the sharply lined and shaped eyebrows and heavily made up eyes. The upper lashes are heavily tinted and curled and the shading and contouring is dramatic. The cheek color is meant to create sharp contours and the lips are cleanly defined. The overall look is deliberately made-up, yet appealing in the stylized manner of fifties-and-sixties-era glamour girls.
All these elements are meant to accentuate the look of this retro-styled dress. The cut and design are straight from classic television ladies like Donna Reed, Barbara Billingsly and Lucille Ball. The big change is that a classic TV actress would never have gotten away with the sheer fabric bodice and the patterned piping on the sleeves, collar and accent line across the bust.
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