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Softly Waving Curls

Softly waving curls are the crowning glory for our model here. Her soft brown hair literally gleams in long swirling waves that glisten and shine. The hair is softly layered at the ends to create the tapering points and reduce the bulkiness that would otherwise be apparent at the ends of the hair.
This look is best created for longevity, using a wet set with medium-to-large rollers, but can also be achieved quickly using blown-dry hair and hot rollers or a large barrel curling appliance. A light application of smoothing serum or shine spray to the hair after styling can give the final element of definition and gloss to the curls as shown.

Once more, the make-up look is subdued, with a light foundation giving smooth tone to the skin, while the shading of the eyes and cheeks is kept very subtle and in neutral tones. A light application of mascara gives the eyes some definition while the satin-finish lip color has a hint of berry to give just a touch of color.
The dress is as simple as the rest of the style, a boat-necked sack style dress in a light knit fabric for draping effect and freedom of movement.
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