Short Curled Hair

This tangle of curls in platinum blonde is a stylish, chic, and playful look. The hair is layered and cut to a length below the chin, then curled using randomly sized rollers (or curling irons) to achieve natural-looking curls. The fringe area is brushed or combed out to frame the face, while the remaining curls are well-defined and scrunched to control frizz.

The makeup is boldly defined to contrast with the pale color of the hair and clothing. Well-shaped eyebrows, heavily lined and mascara-coated lashes, rosy cheeks, and blood-red lips may not convey a "natural" look, but they grab attention and demand that you keep your eyes on them.
The top is inspired by athletic wear, featuring a crew-neck collar and a sleeveless design with cut-out accents at the shoulders. It is made of a knit fabric. The top is paired with elastic-waisted pants made of a clingy knit material that hugs the curves of the body.
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