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Long Layered Haircut

This model is sporting a long layered haircut with an off-center parting and lots of product with scrunching for definition. The hair is shoulder length, but steeply layered with some texturing to keep it light and free.

Her make-up is applied with focus on the eyes in mind. The soft blue eyeliner and mascara, combined with the russet red of the brow, shadow, and lip color all serve to make the model's blue eyes shine. The color of her make-up also coordinates with the color of the sweater she is wearing.
The ensemble sported by this model features a black poplin jacket with a rolled collar and golden, satin-finish faux-scarf under the collar and down the back. The jacket is tailored with large covered buttons featuring a stripe of fabric to match the fabric of the faux-scarf. She's wearing a russet-colored turtleneck sweater under the jacket which emphasizes her strong jaw-line, giving her a strong, down-to-business air. She looks ready to hit every store on 5th Avenue in this no-nonsense ensemble.
Hong Kong Trade - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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