Modern Pixie Cut with Bangs

Our model is rocking a modern variation of the pixie cut. Her hair has been cut with a curved weight-line, starting from the brow line in the fringe area and extending to the lower crown area at the back. The back of her hair has been layered and cut bluntly at the nape of her neck.

The bangs and sides have been textured using a notching technique, and her hair is parted slightly off-center. The overall effect is a sleek yet slightly disheveled look, which accentuates her full lips and well-defined bone structure.
Her makeup features subdued tones, with the eyes taking center stage. They are adorned with a rich plum shade of eyeshadow. A soft pink blush and a glossy pale plum lip color give her a fresh, dewy appearance.
The blouse she's wearing is a layered piece, consisting of an opaque bodice topped with a sheer overlay in a bold geometric design. The wide collar showcases her long neck and highlights her well-defined upper body, lending her a graceful, swan-like appearance.
Geove - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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