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Flowing Curls Hairstyle

The model in this photo has a long-layered hairstyle styled into soft flowing curls. By sweeping her hair up and back away from her face on the top and one side, with the soft "S"-curve on the other side, her hair gives her a look of care-free romance.

Her make-up is natural, with soft neutral shades around the eyes for a smoky look. Bronze blush and the reddish lip color both enhance the soft green of her eyes and the soft green of the blouse she wears.
Her ensemble consists of an A-line skirt with a flat front, placket, and off-set snap-closure waistband. Her top is a muted pea-soup green with shirred sleeves and bodice and ribbed cuffs on the half-length sleeves and a ribbed waistband. The cowl-neck collar adds to the softness of the overall look. This look is perfect for those first days of spring when the air is still chill, but the plants are beginning to awaken from winter's embrace.
Esteban Contazar - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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