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Blunt Cut & Deep Razor Texture

Another model with super long hair that is blunt cut with deep razor texture on the ends. The fringe area is angled with the razor texture as well to provide a sheer curtain over the eyes. The hair is styled to be smooth and sleek, yet soft, and the color is completely natural.

Her make-up is designed for an evening look with heavily accented eyes and a reddish shadow to bring out the blue color. Soft blush and high-gloss lip color give the perfect amount of detail to the face without overpowering her soft features.
She is wearing a jersey-knit turtleneck blouse with a contrasting panel sewn into the front. The supple-look leather jacket features a high folded collar and wide lapels to emphasize the breadth of the shoulders. The mottled dye pattern in the leather adds texture to the look without looking busy or adding to the detailing. The look is ideal for a fall afternoon and perhaps a long stroll in the park.
Atil Kotoglu - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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