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Soft Romantic Hairstyle

Soft and romantic is the key here. Our model's hair is long and blunt cut, with razor-cut ends to add a soft finish. Long angled fringe minimizes a wide forehead and cheeks and blends nicely with the main body of hair. The hair has been ironed smooth and left looking soft, yet sleek and romantic.

Her make-up is designed to emphasize the eyes with lightly lined lids and darkened lashes. The reddish shadowing is designed to bring out the blue of the eyes and is mirrored in the subtle contouring of the cheeks and the full high gloss of the lips. It is an excellent evening look.
She is wearing a draped blouse with a low-scoop neckline which offers a classic feel in a modern color. The interplay of reds and blues in the fabric give it an almost marbled or tie-dyed look. The look is one suited to an evening of dining and dancing, or perhaps a visit to a gallery opening.
Atil Kotoglu - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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