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Moist-Look hair

Super-long layers and a definitive parting in hair that has been styled to appear damp. This gives the impression of dewy freshness as if our model has just come inside after dancing in the rain. The moist-look locks give definition to the subtle wave of the hair giving it softness, while maintaining the sleek feel.

Her make-up is simple and understated except for the eyes, which are haloed in soft blue shadow matching the blue of the eyes themselves. This technique adds to the image of dewy softness and gives a sultry feel.
Her white shift dress features thin straps and a plunging neckline, with an angled front panel and embroidered designed to draw attention to the narrow waist and bosom. The fabric of the dress is a light chambray weave in what appears to be cotton or a cotton blend fabric. This gives the dress a soft comfortable look and slight clinginess to emphasize the figure beneath. The overall effect is soft and romantic.
Dice Kayek - Paris Spring 2004 Collection
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