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Haircut for a Wide Forehead

With long razor-cut layers to give the hair a light appearance, our model's hair is ironed straight and smooth with a slight angle to the fringe and sides to minimize the appearance of her wide forehead and cheekbones. Her color is soft and full of depth, with very subtle highlights and lowlights giving it a natural glow.

Her make-up is designed to be natural looking with a hint of color. The warm tones of the eye, cheek and lip color emphasize the deep blue of her eyes, and the high-gloss on the lips enhances their natural fullness.
She is wearing a textured leather jacket with a muddled red-brown and black color combination. The jacket features a high folded collar and wide lapels which emphasize the model's long neck and draw attention to the plunging neckline and smooth skin of the chest. This is not a look designed for the office, but she is definitely ready to give someone the business.
Atil Kotoglu - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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