Medium-Length Razor-Cut

This model showcases another medium-length razor-cut hairstyle. The haircut is heavily textured, resulting in extremely wispy ends. It is styled using a flat iron to enhance the straightness of the hair. A light application of product adds definition to the strands and enhances the overall textured look.

Her makeup is done in an evening wear style, with a focus on heavily shadowed eyes. The eyelids are lined with bold lines, and the lashes are thick and full. While the colors used are neutral, with soft contours from cheek color and a light peachy tint on the lips, the high gloss finish of the lip gloss gives the illusion of full and luscious lips with a wet appearance.
The wrap blouse is made of coarsely woven fabric, adding subtle detail to its design. The oversized yoke and horizontal seam create the illusion of broad shoulders, while the deep V-shaped neckline showcases the smooth pale skin of the model's chest. It is a simple yet elegant look suitable for a night out on the town.
Atil Kotoglu - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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