Blouse with a Slimming Effect

Woman wearing a buttoned blouse or shirt that makes her look slim
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Q: I read that a V-neck sweater will make you look thinner. Will a blouse with the first few buttons unbuttoned, and thus creating a V-shape, have the same slimming effect?
Can I wear a light silky turtleneck under my V-neck sweater or blouse or do I need bare skin for the slimming effect?

A: Actually, you are correct that a blouse that is partially unbuttoned can have the same effect as a v-neck collar since both create that extension of the neckline farther down onto the breastbone. The effect is one of stretching the vertical focus of the eye and elongating the perception of the face and neck.
However, you have to be careful of layering turtlenecks or other garments under the "vee" as anything that breaks-up the flow of the vertical focus will cancel out the elongating effect. For instance, a dark-colored turtleneck (even mock-turtleneck) under a pale v-necked blouse or partially open shirt cancels out the effect.
If your concern is one of modesty (showing cleavage or simply too much bare breastbone) you can perhaps look for the now-popular insets that are available as modesty panels or perhaps employ a tee-shirt or higher-necked shirt in a flesh tone or paler, neutral shade. Such would keep your modesty, but not inhibit the benefits of the deeper "vee" shape.
Woman wearing a blouse with the top buttons unbuttoned
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