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How to wear a denim shirt for women
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Q: I bought a denim shirt but now I realize that the only good pants I have are denim too. Is it ok to wear jeans on jeans? Can I combine a denim shirt with my skirts?
A: It is okay to wear denim on denim, but you want to be careful to avoid being too monochromatic with the look.
If the denim shirt and jeans are the exact same color, and weight of fabric, you should consider wearing a colored tee under the shirt and leave the shirt open in order to break up the monotony. In fact, be sure to leave the shirt untucked and treat it like a light jacket.
If, however, the shirt is a lighter shade and lighter weight of fabric, you can simply treat it like a regular shirt and go from there.
Different types of denim
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Skirts follow the same rules as jeans. If the color and fabric weight are the same, break things up with a camisole or colored tee, if not, then treat it like a lighter blue blouse.
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