Navy Blue Blazer

Navy blue blazer
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Q: I bought myself a navy blue blazer jacket. What are the best colors of blouses and trousers to combine with this? I know that a white blouse and jeans would look ok, but are there any other options?
A: Navy blazers are a great wardrobe stretcher since they are in and of themselves a pseudo-neutral article.
They can, as you know, be paired with jeans and a white shirt, but are also wonderfully paired with any pastel colored blouse or turtleneck and another neutral pant, such as khaki trousers or pants in bone, camel, ecru and even white (the latter being a very traditional dressy-casual and somewhat nautical look).
The one thing you need to remember though, is that navy and black are not great pairings. The end result usually looks as though someone mismatched a suit. Try to keep a balance by using lighter colored pants and skirts and soft-colored blouses (or turtlenecks) in order to keep things looking flattering.
The exception to this is the combination of navy jacket and navy shirt with a tan or khaki pant, which works well and is a classy, professional look without being too dressy.
Cobinations with a blue blazer: pastel silk blouse and a turtleneck
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