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There has always been an unwritten rule: long hair for women under 30, and short hair or a bob for women over 30. It's often said that long hair on an older woman, around 40, can elongate the face, giving it a horse-like appearance. It's as if the hair is pulling the features downward, as if gravity doesn't have enough to do!
Whoever came up with that description was way off. We only need to look at actresses like Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman to see that long locks can be worn at any age, and women over 30 can look stunning with hair down to their waist.
Long ago, somewhere in the past (I think it was the 1990s), it was decided that women over 40 did not look good with long ponytails running down their backs. So people like Sharon Stone were heading to the salon to have their hair shortened. And, as with Sharon Stone, she came out looking gorgeous, and younger actresses like Winona Ryder and Reese Witherspoon followed suit.
But how difficult is it to cut off one's locks when hair extensions are so readily available these days? One day it's short, the next day it's longer, until one wonders, 'Has it really been that long since they got their hair cut?'
As we all know, long hair takes a significant amount of time to grow. Statistics indicate that our hair, if healthy, grows approximately half an inch per month, totaling about six inches a year. This timeframe can feel extensive when one commits to cutting their hair shorter after turning 30. However, with the increasing demands of managing both children's schedules and their own work responsibilities, many women find themselves faced with the choice of either cutting their hair or wearing it up every day. For most with long hair, the latter isn't a viable option; they will tell you that wearing a ponytail with everything isn't as easy as it seems!
Also, it's a common stereotype that older women with short hair are perceived as stuck-up, intimidating, intelligent (which I agree with), and reserved. There's a belief that older women with short hair are very serious about life and are capable of handling whatever comes their way. Perhaps that's why older women exude such confidence when they decide to commit to cutting their hair.
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Cutting one's hair after a certain age can also hold symbolic significance. One of the most recent voluntary acts of shearing I'm aware of is to support cancer patients who lose their hair due to chemotherapy. Many middle-aged women find it easier to part with their hair, realizing that it's just hair and that it will grow back.
However, younger women are more susceptible to feelings of depression at the mere thought of cutting their long hair. For them, their hair remains a crucial part of their identity, appearance, and even perceived health, making it much more challenging for them to part with it. It takes a remarkably courageous young woman to donate her beautiful, long locks to someone battling cancer. However, witnessing how these beautiful wigs transform these patients makes the loss well worth it.
I would say that an increasing number of women over 30 are opting to cut their hair to stay fashionable. In our increasingly fast-paced world, we have less time to spend on grooming or styling our hair. Pass the pomade and fire up the blow dryer; I've got ten minutes to get to work!
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