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Gum, Candy and Tar Stuck in Hair

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       Skunks are cute and cuddly looking creatures and the coloring of their fur should in no way be duplicated on human beings. However, this does occur on accident when highlights go crazy. If this happens, try to stay calm, you can add a color wash or a toner over the top of your hair. This will add back color to the highlighted areas and make them less apparent. Another way to fix this problem is to have your highlights reshaped, make them smaller and turn some of them into lowlights Whatever you do, don't get too worked up or that skunk on your head might just spray!
punk haircut          Now for a bad haircut, as in one where you have been scalped slightly or more than slightly don't discount wigs. Sometimes that is the only way to hide the scalping situation if it is really major, be sure to get a good wig though because a bad wig may be worse to have on your head than bare scalp. Another thing to try, if the damage is not that bad, is hair extensions. This can be a very expensive fix but can yield very good results that will last for long enough for your own hair to grow out enough to hide the evidence of the original problem. To prevent a bad haircut that leads to a scalping be sure to find a stylist that you trust and take a picture if you have one. Be specific when you explain to them what it is you are wanting from the haircut.
       Now when it comes to stuff stuck in your hair, you have come to the right spot. I have spent hours surfing the net to find answers to most of your hair yuck problems. Let's start with the most obvious, gum and sticky candy. We've all heard to use peanut butter, but what do you do after you get the gunk in your hair. First of all, no crunching allowed, use only creamy peanut butter and work it slowly into the gum or candy in the hair. Then use a wide tooth comb or pick or the tail of a rattail comb to carefully remove the gum and peanut butter. Be sure to work on small sections of the affected hair at a time and keep in mind that you may need to repeat this process to remove all of the sugary mess. Other food items can be used as well like Wesson or other salad oils and mayo and butter which don't work as effectively as the creamy peanut butter. You can also freeze it out using an ice cube, once the gum gets hard then the hair is easier to pick out.
       According to the internet there is a whole group of people out there getting tar stuck in their hair. I'm not sure if they are rolling around in construction zones or what, but I guess it is a problem, so let me tell you what I have learned. Make a tar sandwich using waxed paper and then heat it with an iron on a low setting. You will need to experiment with heat settings and it may take more than one try to get all of the tar out. If the tar glob is near the scalp do not use an iron as the heat source. Hot irons and skin do not mix. Instead use a hair dryer to heat up the tar. So how exactly does this work, when the tar is heated it is attracted to the waxed paper which can then be peeled from the hair in one big glob.
       So now the gum is out the tar is gone and you just got into a tub of Vaseline. When will you learn? Back to the kitchen you go, this time pass up the peanut butter and grab the cornstarch. Pat the cornstarch onto the greasy spot then add some clarifying shampoo to dry hair. Finish by adding some warm water, cold will make it worse, and lather and rinse. You can also use a mixture of 1 teaspoon of baking soda mixed with baby shampoo. Pat this onto dry hair and rinse out in the same fashion as the cornstarch. Following either of these techniques be sure to use a deep conditioner as these food remedies can be very drying.
       Remember that most problems can be solved by food, sit down and have a snack while you are waiting for your salon to answer. Don't freak out too much about it, most of these issues CAN be remedied, and if not hair does grow back. If it is really, really bad try out the Sinead O'Connor look for a while and let your hair return to its roots, so to speak, and get healthy. Then, don't worry about spending a few extra dollars to have your hair done right, it is worth it in the long run, believe me. The bozo look was not a good one for me!
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