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Sexy Silver Foxes (2)

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      With the tinting, comes the old mindset. With the silver comes the new trendy look, that says, “I may have a few years baby, but look at me now!” Doesn’t silver jewelry make you feel like a queen? Think of the match! At times, it seems that everyone is a blonde, but few people make the most of what they really have and that is the precious metallic natural look of silver. I speculate that 98% of women today tint their hair.
Their reasoning could be:
1. Covering up their grey
You’ve gotten the mindset that your grey hair is aging instead of silver, wisdom and class, so the first sign of the grey; you begin to cover it up; to continue to give the illusion of youth. So it’s the old “grey” theory instead of precious silver thought.
2. Bored with their own color
This is when you don’t see the value of what you were born with. You do not see the richness of your individual color. You say to yourself, “I need something different” and granted, there are times your hair needs to be refreshed to feel better about yourself.
3. They just do not like their own color
Sometimes you can dislike your own color because you’ve been comparing your hair with others. Everyone is unique and special and shouldn’t be compared with each other. Be the best apple you can be and don’t try to be a second rate banana.
4. Following the Trend
Everyone is foiling or shading their hair over their silver hair and you do too. The truth about foiling the hair over your silver hair is that it makes it look yellow, unless the hairstylist first covers the silver hair with a darker blonde/light brown color and then highlights your hair. Usually only a touch up is required in a month, and then the foiling commences once again. Remember, coloring isn’t a “one size fits all” process. There is the communication and counseling process in the beginning. There are many who continue to put the wrong color on their hair and keep insisting on the wrong haircut when it not only doesn’t do anything for them, but subtracts from their beauty (more about this later). This is not the hairstylist’s fault, because the hairstylist wants to bring all your best features out in the color and haircut. The true trend of today is actually looking great with your silver hair. Ask yourself, how do I see myself and how would I like to see myself?
5. To please others
Your family and friends are all doing it, how could you be any different? But, you are different and do not have do the same thing.
6. For fun
This is quite understandable, especially if you are artistic and into colors. There was a time when I used to keep my hair a party pink or lavender. However, to become a Sexy Silver Fox, you drop the pink and bring out the silver.
7. To be more attractive
There are times when your hair begins to turn “grey” that you seem to “grey out” everywhere, especially in your face. If this is the case with you, then; you need more warmth in your face. Try some reddish tones to your hair color instead of an ash blonde. The reddish tones will put warmth in your skin tones and bring out your eyes. Don’t forget to put on color instead of wearing the neutral colors. Wear warm colors like rose, coral or gold; these are colors that will counteract the gray in your face and be sure and put on bright looking scarves and jewelry. Do not be afraid of makeup. Wear pinks and corals and learn how to blend your foundation and blush.
      Some turn prematurely grey. If you are young and have become silver before your time, many times a light blonde tint will help make you feel better at your young age for a season.
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