Hair Crystals

Hair crystals
Add Some Sparkle to your Hair with Crystal Stars
You have bought the perfect dress, you have found the perfect shoes to match, even the earrings could have been made for the outfit, but how do you give your hair the same amount of glamour and attention that it deserves? Easy, use Swarovski Crystal Hair Stars and look like a real star sparkling in the nocturnal sky.
Unlike many other illuminating hair accessories, Swarovski Crystal Stars are attached onto the hair individually. These independent glints of glimmer transform ordinary hair into manes that get noticed and admired.
The fact that Crystal Stars add boundless amounts of spice and glamour to a hairstyle is far from these fascinating little charms’s only charm, as the simplicity and ease in the way they are attached to the hair, has to be mentioned. Simply wash, dry and style hair normally, peel the crystal away from the cardboard, press it onto the hair with a finger and thumb, and hey presto…Hollywood style hair, sprinkled in twinkling crystals, fit for a fairy princess.
Crystals to attach to your hair Removing the stars could also not be easier. As they do not require any glue, when the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella must leave the Ball, Crystal Stars will slide out of the hair, leaving no residue or evidence that they were ever there.
Perhaps one disadvantage of Crystal Stars compared to other similar hair accessories, is that they are not re-usable, although when you consider they only cost $4.75 for a pack of 12, they can afford to be disposable.
As Crystal Star hair accessories are available in six different colors, finding the right shade appropriate for a certain outfit should not be a problem. “Diamond” crystal stars are clear and bear most resemblance to real life stars. “Pink Ice” hair stars are particularly feminine and pretty, ideal for ‘girly’ nights out, especially in the summer months. In contrast, the “Ruby” and “Sapphire” color options create a more dramatic and vibrant look.
Other colors include “Peridot”, which is a lime-green shade and “Tanzanite”, a purple color blended with a bluish undertone. With this amount of variation in color, finding a shade which will compliment your color of hair will not be a problem. Whilst “Pink Ice” looks great on blonde hair, “Diamond” is a must for black tresses; “Sapphire” looks sexiest on redheads.
Whatever the occasion, if you want to ‘glam up’ a hairdo then Crystal Stars are an inexpensive, manageable and effective way to transforming even the most mundane of locks, and adding some glitz to any occasion.
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