A Natural Solution for Hair Loss

Natural solutions for hair loss
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Many people swear by natural remedies, but some are quick to dismiss them as hocus-pocus tripe. The truth remains that as long as there is no "miracle" cure for hair loss, natural remedies will continue to be a popular, effective, inexpensive, and accessible tonic to treat baldness. Because hair loss is a highly common condition, indiscriminate of age, sex, and ethnicity, finding a cure is an extremely lucrative aspiration.
Consequently, there is a plethora of natural products available, all claiming to help cure hair loss and the anxiety it causes. Knowing what to buy in the quest to reverse the balding process can be nearly as confusing as the condition itself. Fortunately, help is at hand, and here are some of the best natural solutions to combat hair loss.
Please note that many homeopathic physicians recommend that natural treatments should be used concurrently and should always be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet.
Provillus is unquestionably one of the most effective natural remedies for hair loss available. This powerful pill is formulated from only natural ingredients, which have been proven to nourish the follicles in the scalp and promote hair growth without any adverse side effects. The blend of herbs found in Provillus, such as Saw Palmetto and Nettle, helps to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for suffocating hair follicles and slowing down the growth process.
This natural product requires no prescription and is available in both male and female varieties, specifically tailored to cater to the needs of hair loss affecting both sexes. Manufacturers of Provillus are so confident that their product will show results that they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.
Essential Oils
Essential oils or aromatherapy treatments are another effective method for treating hair loss naturally. Concentrated oils found in certain plants, such as lavender and soybean, are an excellent way to cleanse, strengthen, and nourish hair shafts and follicles, thus stimulating hair growth.
Herbal Remedies
Working essentially in the same way as oils, herbs can be used alone or mixed together to form a poultice and can extend the resting phase in the hair growth cycle, which will promote hair follicle production. Red pepper is an effective herb for combating hair loss, as the pepper irritates the skin and releases histamines in the process. The histamines then regulate cell division and promote the healthy growth of hair.
Rosemary and sage, when boiled together, contain properties that promote hair growth. It is advisable to use the rosemary and sage concoction every day for several weeks to really reap the benefits of this natural hair loss tonic. Aloe vera is another plant-based natural solution for hair loss. For years, this plant has been used to balance the pH levels on the scalp, activating the enzymes required for healthy hair production.
An Adequate Diet and Exercise
Natural remedies for excessive thinning of the hair are not limited to consuming a mixture of essential oils and herbs. As hair is made of protein, it requires protein to sustain growth and stay healthy. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein is arguably the most natural way to maintain a healthy head of hair and help prevent hair loss.
Exercise has equally beneficial effects on the hair. Incorporating regular exercise into one's lifestyle can rekindle deteriorating hair, making it thrive and shine.
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