Hair Loss Treatment

Treatment for hair loss - Provillus Women
Produced by the Ultra Herbal Company, Provillus is a popular all-natural treatment for hair loss, made from blending a variety of nourishing nutrients. Not only do these natural ingredients, which include, vitamin B6, pumpkin extract, zinc, biotin, gotu kola, and Saw Palmetto, thwart hair follicles, which are becoming thin from falling out altogether, but the product manufacturers also claim that Provillus will stimulate new hair growth in less than 30 days.
Given this high level of confidence and dual functionality, Provillus has become the number one selling hair loss treatment, out of the plethora of alopecia tackling products currently available on the market.
Traditionally, it is men who are thought to be the main sufferers from hair loss, when in reality many women are also plagued by this unfortunate condition. The social stigma surrounding the loss of hair can make the condition even less bearable for women than men. Provillus’s powerful compound ingredients can help both sexes regain a fuller and thicker head of hair, without any side effects.
With men, Provillus can reverse the signs of impeding baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, by diminishing the amount of dihydrotesterone (DHT) in the body, the hormone which, when built up in abnormally large quantities, collects at the roots of follicles and the scalp and disturbs the healthy growth of hair, results in thinning hair and eventual baldness.
With women, the causes of hair loss are much more ambiguous, although there are several factors which often put women at risk from suffering alopecia. The menopause, giving birth to a baby, thyroid disease and unbalanced hormones can often leave women shocked and dismayed to find chunks of hair falling out in the shower, bald patches appearing and left obviously seeking a cure.
Treatment for hair loss - Provillus Men
Subjects of an embarrassing nature tend to often go unmentioned, with victims preferring to ‘suffer in silence’ rather than visit a doctor. Without needing a prescription to purchase Provillus, this particular hair loss related problem does not exist with this product. Provillus can be bought discretely from health supplement stores, or completely anonymously on the Internet, where it even comes in inconspicuous packaging which does not mention the product’s name or what it is for. The ability to own Provillus without requiring medical assistance undoubtedly boosts this completely natural supplement’s popularity.
But how effective is Provillus as a treatment for alopecia? Whilst there are endless accounts of the ‘miraculous’ accomplishments of Provillus, in achieving healthy, vibrant and thicker hair, there are always a handful of skeptics insisting all-natural products are a scam. Although the fact that this alopecia supplement is FDA approved reduces the risks of Provillus being an outright con. Trying the product yourself and allowing enough time to see results, is the only way of knowing for sure whether Provillus really does prevent hair loss.
Although as it is commonly said that prevention is better than cure, Provillus’s dual capabilities of stabilizing the hair loss process before it de-stabilizes an unfortunate sufferer, as well as stimulating already thinning hair, makes it an ideal preventative product, as well as a treatment. For further information on hair loss and Provillus, visit the product’s official website.