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Hairstyles for Business Women (3)

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Hairstyle and silk blouse for business women       Of course, the idea that our appearance can make such a dramatic difference in the impression people have of us certain offends our sensibilities on some levels. We would like to believe that our skills and talents would outweigh our looks. In some cases, it clearly does. But even in cases where two individuals perform equally well at a job, it comes down to secondary considerations when the time comes to choose the recipients of promotion or other opportunities. If performances are equivalent, then the impressions presented by the individual’s appearance WILL have a bearing on a situation.
      What should you know about hairstyles for a professional environment? Let’s look at some Dos and Don’ts for hairstyles for business women:
      • DO select hairstyles that are flattering to your face. Avoid making your decision based on what your favorite celebrity is doing with her hair, unless you have similar features. If you are unsure whether a look will work for you, talk to your stylist and ask for a candid opinion. A GOOD hairdresser will find a tactful way to explain why your choice may not work for you.
      • DON’T choose a style that requires maintenance throughout the day. If your hairstyle is one that needs you to “touch it up” periodically to keep it looking perfect, you’re likely to look as though you spend all day “primping”.
      • DO pay attention to the environment you are working in, (or learn about the environment where you WANT to work) so that you can style your hair appropriately. You won’t see many bank tellers with purple Mohawks, but a video game design studio will probably see this and even wilder.
      • DON’T overlook hygiene, regardless of the style you choose. Your hair should look CLEAN, NEAT and CARED FOR. If it doesn’t, someone will notice, and it may not be someone you want to have thinking of you in a negative light.
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