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Hairstyles for Business Women (2)

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      The key characteristic of these looks is that they are usually changing. As soon as the next big look hits, the ‘Super Trendy’ individual will change her hair to match the new look, whether that means a whole new cut, a bold new color, or the latest technique.
super trendy short haircut for the office       While the ‘Super Trendy’ individual fits right in with her social circle, she may not give the best impression in a professional setting. The general preference in the professional field for more conservative esthetics notwithstanding, the ‘Super Trendy’ individual can give the impression of being flighty or inconsistent, since the appearance is prone to changing without warning.
      The ‘Super Trendy’ individual can fit in very well in a creative field and in industries where the target market demographic matches the ‘Super Trendy’ esthetic. Yet, in the majority of professional environments, the impression is of someone who will be non-conformist and likely to cause unwanted contention in many situations.
minimalist haircut for business women       The ‘Minimalist’ looks are those whose wearers put forth only the minimum of effort to groom themselves. The hair may be shampooed and conditioned, but is generally not treated much beyond these actions. The styling may consist of some means of pulling the hair back from the face, but will not include any additional techniques. The look also includes those cuts that are simple and utilitarian – simple bobs, pixie cuts, even wedge cuts – that often are treated as “wash and wear” styles with no additional grooming.
      The ‘Minimalist’ can give the impression of being ‘no-fuss’ and ‘professional’ since the hairstyles are often conservative and not likely to offend anyone’s professional sensibilities. However, it can also present a “lackadaisical” image in an office setting, especially if combined with minimalist looks in make-up and dress as well.
      The ‘minimalist’ look can be suitable for some professional environments, but in settings where you deal with others (even if it’s just coworkers) you want to present the impression that you make SOME effort. It becomes even more critical in certain environments and jobs.
{First Hand Account: In my 20s, I worked with an advertising publication and we had a team of salespersons who sold advertising space to local businesses. One of the young women on the team had been a stay-at-home mom who got her start selling advertising over the phone. As her child got older and started school, she decided to expand her efforts and try to increase her sales by making calls in person to businesses. But having been at home for so long and with so many other demands on her time, she had adopted a minimalist look out of necessity. She was clean, and neat, but made no more than the minimum effort in her grooming.
She faced a great deal of difficulty in making in-person sales, until a manager of a local salon spoke with her candidly and offered to show her some simple tips to “spruce up” her looks without a lot of additional effort. She admitted that an extra 15 minutes with a curling iron and some hairspray made a world of difference in her reception.}
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