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The Disadvantages of Threading
As threading is a relatively unfamiliar practice in Western civilizations, unlike the barrage of beauty clinics all offering waxing, electrolysis and laser treatments in abundance, finding a professional threading technician is a fairly difficult task.
Although it can be performed at home, threading is a difficult skill to master and therefore to achieve optimum results may take quite a few attempts and a lot of patience. Although threading, if carried out properly is an extremely safe method of hair removal with few known side effects, if performed incorrectly or carried out with inadequate hygiene, it can cause a condition known as folliculitus, a bacterial infection which affects the follicles of the hair.
There are also several reported incidents of persistent reddening of the skin and sometimes even swelling. Ingrown hairs are another problem which can be caused by threading. Regular exfoliation of the skin to remove any excess loose hairs may help to overcome this problem.
Another disadvantage is that this method of hair removal is not permanent and repeat treatments will be required as often as every three to six weeks. Although threading is capable of removing all textures and thickness of hair, it is usually confined to the face, and is not commonly performed on the body, although because of its unique ‘conciseness’, threading works wonders on eyebrows.
Is it Painful?
Threading definitely does not have the ‘ouch factor’ that waxing and tweezing has, but it also is not completely ‘painless’ like shaving. Many people who have undergone threading treatments refer to the procedure as a more ‘discomfort’ than actual pain. For the more squeamish it is therefore advised that a numbing spray or a warm compress is applied to the skin prior to beginning the procedure to numb the pain.
The Cost
The price of the different hair removing methods is obviously a major contributor into the decisions people make about which treatments to choose. Compared to many of the ‘permanent’ methods, which rely on sophisticated technology and are therefore quite expensive, the cost of threading treatments are fairly cheap.
Although they can vary a great deal from salon to salon and where on the body the threading is being performed. The cost of the threading on the upper lip, for example can range as dramatically as from $6 to $25 a session and the eyebrows can range from anywhere between $12 and $50.
Do It Yourself Threading Hair Removal
As mentioned earlier because of the lack of fancy equipment required, threading is a great hair removal method to be self-accomplished in the comfort of your own home. Some manufacturers have recognized this potentiality and the increasing competitiveness within the hair removal industry and self-threading devices such as the ‘Super Stick’ have appeared on the marketplace.
Such devices are based on the ancient science of threading and remove hair efficiently and effectively within minutes. By placing the stick in a “U” position on top of the unwanted hair rolling the handle in an inwards and outwards motion, these DIY threading sticks pull the hair out at the roots.
Whilst all hair removal techniques have their advantages and disadvantages, threading, without relying on any chemicals, is a much kinder method of effectively and rapidly removing the excess and unwanted hair from our bodies.
It is little wonder that threading has been a popular method of eradicating surplus hair from the face and body for centuries in Eastern countries and it will come as little surprise if the method does not achieve the same prominence and esteem in the West, where the pressure to have neatly sculptured features and smooth and hair free faces and bodies, has never been so intense.
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