Dreamy Trendy Hairstyle

Curls and waves are the current fashion focus these days - they exude sensuality while maintaining a natural look.
The hair is blow-dried to slightly damp. Curl mousse adds the necessary elasticity and provides more hold. Then the curlers are rolled in, and the hair is dried. Lastly, the styling is shaped with a blow dryer. Shine cream brings a silky shimmer to the hair.
Hair styled with curlers
Trendy hair style with curls
Hair with a silken shimmer
Soft pink-violet tones were used to complement the dress. Shimmering shades enhance the movement. The lips are accentuated with gloss. The eyes, lashes, and brows are harmoniously coordinated. The cheeks are beautifully highlighted with fashionable blush.
Hairstyle: HAIR BOX - hairbox.ch
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