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Female shaving
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•  It’s Cheap!
Compared to permanent methods of hair removal, most of which require the assistance of a qualified beautician, shaving is extremely cheap option to achieving immediate results. Compared to many other temporary hair removal solutions, such as waxing kits or hair removing creams, razors are also comparatively cheaper.
•  There are no Side Effects
If running the risk of being scarred by blisters, burns or skin discoloration isn’t for you, then sticking with razors to shave body hair is undoubtedly the safest hair removal method. Whilst the only hazard shaving provides, is the odd cut, even this can be dramatically reduced by using an electric razor as opposed to a cheaper manual one.
•  It’s Effective!
You can forget about it ‘only being effective on dark hair and fair skin’ scenario, many hair removal techniques such as flashlamps and laser therapy conform to, because shaving instantly eliminates all colors and textures of body hair from any type of skin.
There are also no length requirements, as effective shaving can be accomplished no matter how short and stubbly or long and wiry the hair on the body happens to be.
The Disadvantages of Shaving
•  It’s not Permanent
One of the major disadvantages of shaving is that not only is it not a permanent solution to hair removal, but the hair grows back extremely quickly. So quickly in fact, that many women have to shave their legs and underarms every time they have a shower.
•  Shaving may become More Difficult over Time
Persistent shaving can cause the hair to become coarser and rougher in texture, which over time can make the hair more difficult to remove with a razor. Using an electric razor can often remove stubborn, coarse hair more easily than a manual one.
•  It’s Boring!
Spending extra valuable minutes every day in the shower or bath, painstakingly ridding the body of hair with a razor, can soon become a rather arduous chore, and is one of the main reasons why many women opt for more permanent solutions.
Electric Shavers versus Disposable Razors
One of the biggest advantages electric razors have over disposable razors is that they can be used on the move and are much more convenient. Regular razors require water and foam, whilst electric shavers can be used without, making them much less messy.
Whilst electric shavers may be more expensive to buy initially, longer term, they work out as more cost-effective than having to keep buy new razors or razor blades. Small nicks and cuts are less likely to occur when using an electric razor because they rarely have a blunt blade, thus making electrical shaving a safer hair removal method.
Shaving has been an effective way to removing unwanted body hair, especially from the legs and armpits, for many, many years. If enduring a relentless pursuit to have hairless body parts does not bother you and has become part of your regular beauty regime, then shaving with an electric or disposable razor is quite possibly the cheapest and most immediate solution to removing unwanted body hair.