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Laser Hair Removal Treatment (2)

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Also laser hair removal is most effective when it is at the ‘anagen phase’ – when the follicles are still actively growing. Although to us mere mortals, distinguishing when hair is in its ‘anagen phase’, is an almost unattainable task. However, given that this ‘active growth’ phase lasts for several years and 85 percent of the entire hair on the body is always actively growing, it is almost guaranteed that the hair we want exterminated is in the ‘anagen phase’ and will therefore be easily targeted and effortlessly destroyed.
As the efficacy of laser treatment widely depends on the experience, knowledge and general expertise of the technician manoeuvring and manipulating the laser, finding a well established and reputable laser hair removal clinic is paramount in yielding good results. It is therefore essential that some research be carried out to find a technician that is acknowledged and acclaimed to give the laser hair removal the justice it deserves.
The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal
Unlike many other methods of hair removal, laser treatments are relatively painless and the majority of literature and reports about the process, refer to the pain as being similar to that of a rubber band being ‘pinged’ onto the skin – a favourable sensation compared to the eye-watering pain of waxing.
Laser hair removal is a highly effective method of removing unwanted body hair, and compared to most other techniques, laser treatment is permanent.
Primarily people may be discouraged by the price of laser hair removal, which can be as much as $500 a session. Although when you consider in four to six sessions the hair will be eradicated forever, compared to a lifetime of buying razors, creams and waxes, laser hair treatment is actually quite cost-effective.
Not only is laser treatment and extremely effective method of hair removal, but it is also very fast. Naturally, the larger the area being treated, the longer the session will take, but a small area like the upper lip can be treated by laser within minutes.
Laser treatments can be performed on almost any area of the body requiring hair removal, regardless of its shape or size. Typically these areas include underarms, upper lip, chin, buttocks, ear lobes, back, shoulders, pubic areas, bikini lines, arms, legs, toes, neck, cleavage and chest – in other words, anywhere.
The Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal
Unfortunately hair will not be permanently removed in just one session and usually requires between four to six sessions. Because it is quite a large sum of money to pay in one go, many people are put off by the price of laser hair removal.
Another downside to this method of hair removal is that it can sometimes cause hyper pigmentation of the skin, where the skin becomes darker. Occasionally the opposite problem can occur, known as hypo pigmentation, where the skin becomes lighter, although these conditions are usually temporary and disappear within a few weeks.
It has also been observed that a small amount of people resist laser treatment and are non-responders. Although there has not been much research carried out about this occurrence and most experts believe it is due to a lack of experience and knowledge from the technician performing the treatment.
Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of laser hair removal is that it only works on people with dark body hair, the red heads and blondes in the world are therefore forced to painfully and arduously persevere with razors and wax in our eternal quest to have hair-free, smooth and beautiful skin.
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