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How to Choose a Home Hair Removal System (2)

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Using an epilator is an excellent way to remove hair from arms, legs, back, chest, stomach, and more. With each use, hair may be gone for up to 2 months. Many report that hair grows back more slowly and is finer so that it can be more easily removed in the future. Epilators are a good choice for those with light, moderate or even moderate-heavy amounts of unwanted hair. They work equally well on all hair types including fine and coarse.
The best epilators on the market today are made by Braun and include the Braun SE7281WD Xpressive Body System which can be used dry or wet, making it more convenient. Some people find that the discomfort is also reduced when they use this hair removal tool in the shower or bathtub.
The cost for a quality epilator is between $99 and $149. These are a good choice for people with dark skin tones, and those with stubborn hair who don’t want to spend the extra money for a light or laser home hair removal system.
Light/Laser Tools
The newest category of home hair removal systems use technology quite similar and just as powerful to that used in professional hair removal laser clinics. These remarkable home hair removal tools use UV light to target the pigment in the hair and superheat it for just an instant when you pull the trigger.
Tria hair removal laser The light/laser charge weakens or destroys the hairs, often deep into the root. Because these tools target darker pigment they cannot be used by those with dark skin tones. They are somewhat more effective on dark hair – though even fair hair usually has enough pigment to make them useful.
The best systems available today, the Tria Laser Hair Removal System (laser) and the Silk’n SensEpil (home light pulse), offer various settings from mild to fairly intense. With just a bit of trial and error you will find the right level for your hair. Directions included with each unit are very clear about how to do this. The success rate with these two products in particular is outstanding. Hair comes back more slowly, finer, and sometimes it doesn’t come back at all, offering the only permanent home hair removal solution available.
The cost of home laser/light hair removal systems is under $500 and represents enormous savings over the cost of going to a professional laser hair removal clinic. The effects with these products is often just as good. You save money, avoid embarrassment and can get rid of the hair in privacy and comfort at home. Light and laser tools are an excellent choice for those who want the kind of professional results formerly only available in a clinic. Using a home light or laser hair removal tool will yield outstanding results and satisfaction.
Take time to evaluate your specific goals for hair removal, your budget, the type of hair and skin you have and you will discover a home hair removal system that is just right for your specific needs.
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