Halloween Hairstyles: Bride of Frankenstein

Halloween hairstyle - Bride of Frankenstein
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There’s no way around the time it takes to wrap a roller set. Simply choose the roller size you want to use and begin. Practice will make the process faster, but in the meantime, be patient and work at your own best pace. Once wrapped, you can allow the hair to dry on its own, or use a bonnet or hooded dryer to speed the process.
Once the hair is dried and cooled (if dried using a hair dryer) you can remove the rollers carefully with the goal of keeping the curls as intact as you can manage. For me, the next step is giving the curls a good spray of hairspray (use your favorite spray, but try to make sure you get one with an ultra-fine mist so that you can get even coverage without getting wet spots).
Step Three:
At this point, I let the curls cure for a short while (10 to 15 minutes) so that the hairspray is completely dry and set before I begin manipulating the hair. After I’m sure that there are not damp, gummy spots among the curls, it is time to begin in earnest.
Because the Bride of Frankenstein style is predominantly a back-angled beehive, we need a foundation at the core of the hairstyle that can take the weight of the rest of the hair and to which we can secure the outer layers.
To achieve this, we take several curls at the crown of the head and brush them out (using your wide-tined brush and then styling brush) to separate and break down the curls. We then separate this section of hair in half and back comb the hair along the central parting. Start as close to the scalp as you can manage and build your way out. Work around both halves of the section – backcombing – until you’ve created two teased-out masses of hair.
Using bob pins, secure the end of one half of the section to the base of the other half, and do the same on the opposite side. The goal is a secure, bump at the crown around which you can build out the rest of the style.
Work your way out from the center in a radial pattern; loosen the curls and backcomb them on the inside edges. Bring them loosely over the central bump. Anchor the locks using hairpins where needed. Leave a curl on each side at the temple area out of this process, as we want to make a more specific arrangement with these curls.
Finishing Touches:
When we get to these curls, we want to make sure to avoid completely breaking down the curl as we incorporate them into the style. Brush the curls out with the wide-tine brush, and backcomb the inside edge carefully to bring the curl into the rest of the style. But make certain that the outer edge still shows a definite waving line. Use the edge of your wide-tined brush or a pick to smooth out the surface somewhat, and apply hairspray liberally and pat to gently secure stray hairs, and define the curls remaining.
The final touch for the look is using the spray color (white) to follow the curl at the temples. This gives us the classic ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ look that we all know and love.
{**Stylist’s Note: The temporary color rinse we used did dull down the coppery-auburn color of the manikin’s hair, but didn’t give as much of a dark shade as had been hoped for. In reviewing the steps we took, and knowing that we wanted to have the hair as easily workable as possible, we DID NOT shampoo the manikin beforehand. It is felt that residual styling product on the hair may have inhibited the coverage of the temporary rinse. This is reinforced by the fact that the backcombing and styling of the hair after it was dried led to a fine film of dark powdery color all over the workstation.
It is therefore suggested that you make sure to shampoo your hair before following these steps for yourself.}
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