Halloween Hairstyles: Bride of Frankenstein

Halloween hairstyle - Bride of Frankenstein
We’ve decided to take a look at some of the classic looks for Halloween parties, and how to create the hairstyles that accompany them. And when you think of Monster Hair, I’d be very surprised if one of the first things to come to your mind ISN’T the classic ‘Bride of Frankenstein’.
The ‘Bride’ is a little labor-intensive and takes some practice to finesse, but we’re going to show you the basics that will allow you to create a monster bride style to impress any Halloween partygoer.
What You Need:
• Tail Comb
• Styling Comb
• Styling Brush
• Pick or Brush with widely-spaced tines
• Magnetic Rollers (for a wet-set) with clips
• Temporary Color rinse (dark color, optional)
• Spray-On Temporary Color (White)
• Hairpins and Bob Pins
What many people fail to realize is that the Bride of Frankenstein did not have “black” hair. She did have white streaks in her hair which after colorized television and movies emerged created the impression that her hair had been black (or at least very dark). This was largely due to the later Monster Mavens who did have jet black hair with the signature white streak. (Think: Lily Munster who was also married to a “Frankenstein”.)
However, because you do want a good dull base color against which the white streaks will “pop” you can use a temporary color rinse to facilitate the look. This is particularly useful if you are working with lighter shades of hair.
Halloween hairstyle - rollers
In our demonstration photos, we have a manikin with gingery-auburn hair, and we dulled it down using a black, temporary-color rinse as a setting lotion. After thoroughly wetting the hair **, and towel-drying it, the hair is plied with the temporary hair color and the color is carefully worked through the hair and combed to make sure the color is evenly distributed.
Step Two:
Since we are going to be building a very-high-volume style, we need a base of curl that we can manipulate. A wet set is the best option for this since it is the least stressful curling method to the hair, and the hair is going to be stressed enough during the physical manipulation stage of styling.
For our demonstration, we used medium-sized rollers in a freestyle arrangement in order to give the hair a moderate level of curl. By reducing the size of the curl you can increase the amount of volume you can generate easily in styling the hair, but we wanted to show a mid-level of volume that would hopefully give you a basis for understanding.
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