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Depilatory cream
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The Advantages of Depilatory Creams
Unlike most other hair removal methods, using creams to achieve hair-free skin is completely painless. Given this fact, depilatory creams are the ideal solution to removing hair from sensitive areas such as the bikini line, and also areas where it can be difficult to shave like the underarms. Depilatory creams are an inexpensive method of hair removal.
Although the price can vary slightly from brand to brand, most hair removal packages, which include the cream, an after-lotion, a plastic spatula, and instructions, will rarely cost more than $5.00 US. Compared to the thousands needed to pay for many permanent hair removal techniques, depilatory creams cost next to nothing. Another major advantage of using these creams is the fact that they can be done at home. The procedure is relatively quick, lasting no longer than ten minutes and the creams are extremely easy to use.
As mentioned earlier, depilatory creams are ideal for removing hair from awkward, hard-to-reach, and sensitive areas, namely the bikini line. Unlike other hair removal techniques which only work on hair of a certain color and texture and on certain types of skin, depilatory creams remove all shades and textures of hair, from any skin type.
While finer hair will come away more easily, thicker, coarser hair will also be removed, although it may take a while longer. To accommodate these different requirements, depilatory creams are available for specific parts of the body, as the strength needed for the fine hair on the face will differ quite considerably from the strength needed to eliminate thick and coarse pubic hair from the bikini line.
Unless there is an adverse reaction to the cream, which causes irritation of the skin, this method of hair removal is a painless and pleasant alternative to many of the other eye-watering techniques such as plucking and waxing.
The Disadvantages of Hair Removal Creams
Because hair removal creams work by chemically dissolving the hair, the chemicals have to be mildly acidic. Caustic chemicals are usually slightly pungent, and although depilatory creams are perfumed, they have a distinct smell which many people can find off-putting.
Depilatory cream to remove hair from your body
This hair removal method can also be quite messy, especially when using it on the bikini line. Unlike shaving, depilatory creams can cause an allergic reaction which can cause some stinging and discomfort. Hair removal creams are not suitable for all areas of the body and should be refrained from being used near the eyes or where there is any broken skin.
Similar to shaving, depilatory creams need to be used very frequently, because regrowth appears several days later. This method of hair removal is only temporary, and some people find having to repeat the process as often as every three days, tedious and unappealing. Although these creams do usually prevent re-growth for a day or so longer than shaving does.
To adhere to the ever-increasing quest for ultra-smooth and hairless bodies, depilatory creams have gradually become harsher as more caustic ingredients have been added to become more effective tools in removing hair. The high pH level found in hair removal creams can have a negative effect on the skin, especially mature skin. As skin matures, it becomes more susceptible to the harsh elements it has been relentlessly exposed to.
The caustic nature of hair removal creams can therefore have a detrimental effect on the skin, especially if the skin is mature or sensitive. It is therefore of paramount importance to carry out a patch test and follow the instructions provided with the depilatory cream package. If the procedure is carried out correctly, depilatory creams are an effective, versatile, inexpensive, painless, and almost instantaneous method to conform to society's expectations regarding body hair.
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