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Shapes for Brows

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Curved: The curved brows are marked by a softly rounded shape that follows the line of the eyelids, only expanded proportionately. Curved brows are ideal for women who have sharp, angular features, and need an element to add softness to the overall look.
  • How to shape curved eyebrows
  • How to shape flat eyebrows
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Flat: The flat eyebrow shape is characterized by minimal curvature along the length of the brow, and is ideal for women (and most men) who have very narrow faces, or widely spaced eyes.
Step Two: Filling In
Some women face the problem of having very sparse, or very pale eyebrows, which leaves them looking somehow “unfinished” when they apply make-up, since the eyebrows can fade into the background. To combat this problem, cosmetic companies have made a wide range of colors of “eye pencils” available to help fill-in and define the eyebrows.
The secret to dealing with sparse or pale eyebrows is to use a shade of brow pencil that matches or is only slightly darker than your hair color. Use short thin stroke with the pencil that overlap to mimic the look of hairs, instead of drawing in the entire shape, and smudge the lines using a fingertip or tissue to soften the effect. Some women will use lightly colored mascara to color in the hairs of their eyebrows when the brows are pale in color, but otherwise full and thickly grown.
Step Three: Grooming
To finish up the look of the brows, you not only want to shape them and fill in any gaps, but you want to be sure to comb them or brush them into a proper shape as dictated by the shaping you did earlier. Generally the brows should be directed up and outward toward the outer corner of the eye at an upward angle.
Some women find that their brow hairs are unruly and they need a way to get things under control. The easiest solution to this is to use styling gel on an eyebrow comb or small bristled brush to arrange the hairs and make the hairs hold the shape you desire.
Men vs. Women:
I’m often asked about the difference between shaping the brows of a man versus those of women. The rules are pretty simple here. Men’s brows are typically shaped following their natural brow shapes, or are given shaping that is almost opposite that typical of women. For men, the narrowest regions of the brow are meant to be toward the inner corner of the eye, while the outer ends of the brows are usually thicker and fuller.
Men often need to have their brows trimmed and styled with product to keep them controlled. A dab of gel or a mist of spray on a brush or comb will help make things manageable and will keep the brows from becoming overly bushy.
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