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Hair color blocking
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Accentuating Chunks
In this technique, large sections of the hair are segregated and colored a high-contrast color from the rest of the hair. Often in these cases, the individual will choose what are thought of as "fashion colors" such as blue, pink, bright red, yellow, green, and so on.
The chunks may vary greatly in size, and could even be as large as half of the head. Think a modernized look à la Cruella de Vil from "101 Dalmatians". The technique refers only to the hair that is colored from root to tip in small sections. We’ll discuss the technique of coloring partial lengths in the next example.
There is another technique that is sometimes used in order to create a color blocking effect, and that is one of "bordering." A color is used and applied only to the ends of the hair strands. The distance up the strands varies with the individual and the desired look, but the effect is often striking.
Sometimes, the border will be carried upward in the forward sections of the hair along the parting to the scalp, but usually in an effort to tie the look together. The accentuating colors are once again often fashion colors, or high-contrast shades of the same color family as the natural color.
Hair color bordering
One advantage to this technique is that in those with longer hair who enjoy wearing up-styles, the styles take on a bolder element and in many cases enable the client to further segregate the color into knots, buns,and sprays of color that create the look of fashionable accessory.
Surface Coloring
Finally, one of the common color blocking techniques used for hair color we have "surface coloring." In this method, the upper part of the hair is colored so that it creates a veil for the natural or secondary color of the hair underneath it.
Similar to the peek-a-boo panel technique, movement will reveal the base color, and different styling techniques take on an added dimension with a two-tone color scheme.
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