Emma Stone's Cruella Hairstyle

Emmas Stone's hair for the Cruella movie
Haircare brand HASK and renowned global hair stylist, Nadia Stacey, announced its products were favored on the new Cruella Movie starring Emma Stone.
The Argan 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray was a key product to use because of all the hair styling. It worked so well to protect hair from all the hot hair styling tools used on set. HASK's Leave-In Sprays are lightweight and free of all the nasties, which makes Nadia Stacey feel comfortable when using them on her actresses.
While filming, she also consistently used HASK's treatment hair masks to deep condition and repair actors' hair under wigs. She'd even send them home with the product to use as weekly hair treatments. The nourishing Coconut one is her favorite. Nadia Stacey said that The Rose Oil and Peach Color Protection hair mask was a big hit for them because the black and white colored hair IS Cruella.
HASK Argan Spray
Wondering which HASK products Nadia Stacey actually used to create Emma Stone's Cruella hairstyle and why? To help create Emma Stone's iconic Cruella look, she prepped her hair with the 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray prior to heat styling. Then she applied HASK's Curl Enhancing Mousse and used a diffuser to boost and set the curls. To complete the look, she worked the Curl Defining Cream from root to tip to de-frizz and to add shine.
Cruella’s curls have never looked so good!
Source and photos: PR Newswire/HASK