Celebrity Hair Looks and Why They Work

Good and bad hairstyles for Cheryl Tiegs
It's no surprise that much of the trends in hair fashion come from the celebrities we admire. We see models and actresses with whom we identify wearing hairstyles that we feel look beautiful, and we want to look like them. But rarely does anyone take the time to discuss why a hairstyle looks good on a particular celebrity, even when doing so would help people to better understand whether or not the style would work for them.
That's our goal here. We'll be taking a look at a few celebrities and analyzing the shapes of their faces and the hairstyles they are wearing. We'll tell you why a hairstyle looks good on that celebrity, show you what a difference it makes to change the style. We'll show you styles that are attractive, but just not right for that person's particular needs.
We hope that this little exercise will allow you to learn to better analyze your own features and make better choices for your own hair.
Cheryl Tiegs:
This supermodel from the late 1970s and early 1980s is more famous for her beautiful face and body than for her hair. She was one of the world's first "super" models and became a household name after appearing in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.
Ms. Tiegs has an angular face and a high forehead. Her angled jawline and sharp chin, prominent cheekbones, and sloping nose all give a lot of visual interest to her face, and there's no denying her beauty. However, they present their own problems when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle.
The long layers and soft curving lines offer a balance for the harder angles of Ms. Tiegs' face. Light wispy bangs camouflage the high forehead, and the almost haphazard look of the crisscrossed parting helps hide her dark new growth and avoids the harsh line of traditional partings.
Our illustration shows the difference made in Ms. Tiegs' appearance by a less flattering gamine hairstyle. The short cut layers would only accentuate the angular face and cause her to look harsh and actually older than she does with the softer style.
Sigourney Weaver:
Best known for her role as Lt. Ellen Ripley in the Alien film franchise, this Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner has played everything from a tough spacer (Alien, et al.), to a wicked queen (Snow White) and virtually everything in between. And (in my personal opinion) always looks stunning when she's seen out and about at celebrity functions.
Good and bad hairstyles for Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver has a longish face with a high forehead and a long, straight nose, which emphasizes the vertical line of her face. She has classic features and only seems to get more beautiful as she gets older, yet the length of her face requires some careful attention to the hairstyles she chooses. Presenting an additional problem is her curly hair which must be taken into account in any hairstyle.
Ms. Weaver's hair is blunt-cut and styled to make use of her natural wave pattern. The rich reddish-brown color is lush and perfect to accentuate her dark, romantic eyes. Because of her wavy locks, the blunt cut offers plenty of side volume to widen the face and the offset part helps to disguise the height of her forehead.
In our illustration, we wanted to show what would happen if Ms. Weaver had long, straight layers. The resulting look is not wholly unpleasant, but appears too elongated and makes her nose and forehead appear too prominent. The straight lines in this case also tend to age her appearance, which is never the desired effect.
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