Double Hair Transformation

Long to pixie cut hair transformation
At the 2020 MCB by Beauté Sélection, an international trade fair for the world of hairdressing and beauty in Paris, Stéphane Amaru did a double hair transformation. After a video consultation, his model Florence decided to try two new haircuts, one after the other on the same day. A long to medium length hair makeover at 2.40 pm and a medium length to pixie cut makeover at 4.40 pm. Watch the videos below and get inspired!
These two makeovers perfectly illustrate how much a person's appearance can change depending on the style and hair length: long, medium or short. Each style and length has its own pros, cons and appeal, but maybe we should all be a little more adventurous, just like Florence, take our hairdresser's advice and dare to go for it.
Sometimes we get too attached to our long hair, and it can be difficult to decide to cut it short. When long hair has been a part of our personality for a considerable time, it is not always easy to say goodbye to it. Maybe these two makeovers can motivate you to do something different with your hair as well.
Hair transformation 1:

Hair transformation 2:

Which cut do we like best? Well, to be honest we like all three hair lengths, but we have to admit that the refreshing pixie cut has that little something extra. It takes courage to go all the way short, and this reflects in her appearance, in a very positive way. Her new look is powerful, elegant and dynamic, all at the same time.
Are you jealous of her new short hair look and secretly dreaming of a cute and comfortable pixie cut for yourself, but afraid to go for it because your hair is currently long? Your transition from long to short hair doesn't have to be as drastic and all on the same day, like Stéphane Amaru did in this hair cutting demonstration.
You could go for a double or even triple hair transformation, but with a few weeks between each new hair length. You could gradually cut your hair shorter and eventually, after two or three cutting sessions, end up with the pixie cut you dreamed of. Does this sound like a good plan? Go for it!
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