Colorful Pixie Cuts

Sometimes, hairstyles are so unique and daring that you immediately fall in love with them. Whether you like short hair or not, the three colorful pixie cuts in this video will instantly put a smile on your face. The beautiful haircuts and hair colors were created by Estel. Who knows, maybe these daring yet feminine short hair looks will inspire you to do something completely different with your hair as well!
It takes a lot of courage to go for this type of short look, but the makeover process is undoubtedly a fun, yet shocking, experience. It makes, however, a big difference whether or not you already have short hair. Is your current hair long or medium length? Then you'd better be ready to brave the scissors and maybe even the clippers. In addition to the new hair color, you will need that extra bit of courage to cut your hair very short. Think about it carefully, because once your hair is cut there is no going back. But have you thought it through and are you sure you're all set for a refreshing pixie cut? Go for it!
The next step is the new hair color. Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Which color are you going for? What suits you and what doesn't suit you at all? Do you want a really crazy color, or do you prefer something less daring? Do you want a color that has a certain meaning? These are all things you need to think about carefully, and your hairdresser can advise you on this. With such a drastic change of look, good professional advice is indispensable.
This kind of hairstyle with a fun daring hair color is not suitable for every profession. You should think carefully about this. It shouldn't be like this, but with some jobs you can get in trouble with a bold hair color. Most hair lengths are acceptable for any job, but it would be a shame to get into trouble because of the color of your hair. If you are unsure whether it is allowed or not, it is best to discuss it with your boss beforehand. Better safe than sorry!
However, for some professions, such a bold hair color can be quite an advantage. There are jobs where you have to stand out as much as possible. You want to attract the attention of potential customers, and what could be better than a unique hair color? Think of jobs in fashion, marketing,... In many cases, your boss could be grateful because you are willing to do something crazy with your hair! These hair colors are also perfectly acceptable in a trendy hair salon. When hairdressers cut their hair short and go for a daring hair color, chances are that clients will also be more daring and spend more on their look.
Xtro hair coloring
Powerful XTRO hair colors by Estel were used for these looks. XTRO Black provides good color resistance. XTRO White, on the other hand, is easily removed with bleaching powder and allows you to change your hair color more often. The formula is free of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. XTRO hair coloring is available in 12 different colors and also one transparent corrector to create powdery shades. The colors are: blue, green, lilac, metallic, orange, pine, pink, red, scarlet, turquoise, violet and yellow.
Hopefully, this has inspired you to do something special with your hair as well. A cute feminine pixie cut with a bold hair color or rather longer hair with or without a special color? The choice is yours!
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