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Mascara and Eyeliner Application (4)

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Close Eyes
Close-set eyes are helped by using the mascara and eyeliner in much the same way as you do your eye shadow – by creating a shaded zone on the outside of the eyes to make them appear to “shift slightly” away from the middle of the face.
This is done by applying the mascara a little more heavily to the outer corners of the eyes and by creating a tapered line with eyeliner that is thickest at the outside corners and tapers to a fine line toward the inside of the eye.
mascara and eyeliner
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Wide Eyes
For Wide-set eyes, the principles described in the segment above for close-set eyes are simply reversed as far as direction is concerned. Apply your mascara more heavily on the lashes at the inner corners of the eye and make sure your eyeliner tapers toward the outside corners of the eyes. These tips in combination with the shading of eye shadow application, can dramatically rebalance the appearance of the eyes’ position.
On a final note, it is EXTREMELY important that you remember NEVER to share your mascara or eyeliner cosmetics with another individual. Even in your own household this kind of cross-contamination is not a good idea. The applicators for these products often come in contact with bodily fluids that can carry germs and bacteria and can transmit them from one person to another.
In some cases, an infection spread from one individual can be worse in the person to whom it was transmitted than in the original host. Mascara and eyeliner are two cosmetics it’s OK to be stingy with. “Tell them where you bought it, but make them buy their own.”
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