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Mascara and Eyeliner Application (3)

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For Thin Lashes
thin eyelashes For some women the complaint is simply that the eyelashes seem to be “thin” – either sparse or just skinny when looked at individually. The result is that they don’t define the eyes very well. Again, this is usually a matter of genetics, but if you develop loss of lashes in spots or if the lashes seem to fall out to a significant degree, you should consult with your doctor to make sure it’s not something to be concerned over.
Dealing with thin lashes using mascara is a matter of selecting a mascara that is designed to thicken (add to the diameter) of the lash. By thickening the diameter of each individual lash, such mascara makes the lashes appear thicker as a whole and there appears to be more lashes, where they might otherwise appear sparse.
Eyeliner can further enhance the appearance of the lashes by using a thick line at the base of the lashes in order to give the illusion that the lashes are denser at the base.
For Short Lashes
short eyelashes It may seem that women who have eyelashes that they consider to be “short” have little recourse to resolve the issue (unless they want to learn to use false eyelashes and similar prosthetics). These women look with envy on their friends who seem to have long, sinewy, spider-like lashes that curl outward and brush seductively along the brow bone and cheeks, while their own lashes barely serve as more than a dense fringe on the edges of the eyelid.
However, today’s cosmetic sciences have brought forth many minor miracles in mascara application. One of these minor miracles is mascara that will extend the length of the lashes beyond their normal boundaries. This is achieved using a substance that adheres to the existing lash and builds outward along the length to create a lash extension that is purely cosmetic, and easily washes away.
Just be sure you read the packages carefully when selecting these types of mascara that may claim to be “waterproof”. These may require special “removers” or else may only be “water-resistant” and may not stand up to extraordinary circumstances.
Extra Tips for Other Circumstances:
Small Eyes
Mascara, by its very nature helps to make the eyes appear larger, yet careful consideration when applying eyeliner can help make the eyes appear larger still. The key is to apply a thin line of eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, preserving the edge of the lid unpainted. In most cases this is best accomplished by applying the eyeliner on top of the eyelashes.
Large Eyes
Large eyes, or at least eyes that seem too large and prominent can be minimized by using a medium line of eyeliner along the edge of the lid in order to “enclose” the eye. Be careful not to paint the eyeliner onto your eyeball, and be sure to use hypoallergenic cosmetics to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and sensitivities.
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