Mascara and Eyeliner Application (2)

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This is a cosmetic that many women fear, and as a result they ignore the benefits that it can provide in creating a dramatic look in the eyes. Just the thought of trying to “draw” lines so close to their eyeball can make some women panic and therefore results in unsuccessful application attempts. However, when applied properly, eyeliner can not only be dramatic, but can provide very subtle enhancement.
The way to master eyeliner is simple: Practice. Get a basic eye pencil and some make-up remover, then practice applying and removing the eyeliner from your eyes. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to expand your eyeliner types and will be comfortable experimenting with a number of looks.
Eyeliner comes in two forms typically – liquid and pencil/crayon type. The liquid formula can have an applicator wand with a tapered tip or be a pen-style applicator with a reservoir and flexible nib. Pencil or crayon style eyeliners are generally wax-based and either encased in wood and sharpened as a pencil would be, or housed in a dispenser tube that allows an adjustable amount to be extended from the tip of the apparatus – similar to a lipstick tube, but usually the size of a small pen.
Typically, the pencil-type eyeliners are more stable in varied climates (heat, humidity, rainy weather) but often need more effort for a bold or heavy line. On the other hand, while liquid-type eyeliners will offer clean, bold lines, they can be easily smudged, and may be prone to run. Be sure if you choose a liquid-liner that you select a moisture-resistant or water-proof formula.
Advanced Application Techniques:
Eyelash types
Okay, you’ve got your mascara of choice and are ready to make a change; the same with your eyeliner. So let’s look at a couple of application techniques that are meant to enhance the look of the eyes. Here’s a look at common issues that proper mascara and eyeliner application techniques can help with.
For Pale Lashes:
Pale lashes are a common complaint among individuals with fair skin and lighter colored hair. Often blondes and some redheads will note that their eyelashes appear lighter in color than that of their darker-haired friends.
Since lashes are hair and are created by the body in the same ways as other hair fibers, they will grow according to their genetic coding and be whatever color the DNA indicates they should be. Of course, knowing that it’s not abnormal doesn’t make it any easier to accept.
Eyeliner and mascara for pale eyelashes
Fortunately, this is where mascara and eyeliner can come in most handily. Obviously, mascara works to add color to the pale lashes. Depending on secondary needs, you can choose a thickening or lengthening mascara as well to add dimension or length as desired. Eyeliner serves the purpose of helping define the shape of the eye and also helps to make the lashes appear thicker by making them appear denser at the base of the lash.
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