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Hydrolysis is a chemical process in which water is used to break a compound down into a simpler compound. Hydrolysis is used in making emulsions so they penetrate the surface layers of the skin. A hydrolyzed ingredient refers to the process by which an ingredient's molecule has been changed to a significantly smaller size to penetrate the surface of the skin.
Describes a substance that absorbs, dissolves in or is attracted to water.
Hydroquinone is a white crystalline compound used in skincare products as a bleaching agent.
Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition caused by ultraviolet light from the sun, which darkens the skin.
Jojoba is a multi-purpose substance, used as a moisturizer, as well as to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks.
Karite is a natural ingredient that keeps the skin healthy. See Shea Butter.
Keratin is the natural substance that gives nails and hair their resiliency.
Keratinization is the formation of harder, scalier skin patches caused by dead skin cells building up on the surface and being glued down with sebum or oil. Gently exfoliating with physical or chemical exfoliants allow you to remove these dead skin cells and reveal the newer skin cells beneath them.
Kojic acid
Kojic acid is used to lighten the color of the skin.
L-Ascorbic Acid
Natural Vitamin C. See Ascorbic Acid Polypeptides.
Lactic acid
Lactic acid is a natural ingredient in the body that moisturizes the skin. Lactic acid is a member of the family of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It is odorless and colorless and made from the metabolism of glucose and glycogen in blood and muscle tissue. It is also present in sour milk, beer, pickles and sauerkraut as well as any food made by bacterial fermentation.
Lanolin is a fatty substance made from wool that moisturizes and emulsifies, as well as absorbs water.
Lead Carbonate
A naturally occurring white amorphous powder with a chemical formula of PbCO3. Used in exterior paints, ceramics, cements, processing of parchment and as a laboratory reagent.
Licorice, in its natural form (not the kind we eat), is good for treating acne and soothing skin irritated by allergies.
Describes a substance that dissolves in or is attracted to fats, oils or other lipids. Lipophilic functional groups or molecules prefer to be in an environment where there is no water.
Malic acid
Malic acid comes from raw fruit, like apples, cherries and tomatoes, and is used as a glycolic agent.
Mallow is a softening agent made from plants that helps reduce inflammation, age lines, and eye swelling.
Melanin is the dark pigment in hair and skin.
In cosmetics, a moisturizer; moisturizer is a cream that hydrates the skin. Colosé makes a wide selection of moisturizing milks for all skin types.
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