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Cosmetics Glossary (4)

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Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)
DHA is a cosmetic product that bronzes the skin to resemble a tan.
An oil derived from silicone, which is produced from rocks and sand, useful in smoothing skin.
Echinacea is a natural product that’s most commonly used to reduce flu or cold symptoms. But it’s also used in some skin care products to stop itching and soothe the skin.
Eczema is an inflammatory condition that causes the skin to become red, scaly and itchy.
Elastin is used in cosmetics to protect the skin from getting dry.
Electrolysis is a process where an electric current is applied to hair roots to kill them.
An emollient is something that soothes and softens the skin.
An emulsifier is a substance added to a product to thicken it. It also acts to bind two normally incompatible substances together. (For example, egg yolk acts as an emulsifier allowing oil and vinegar to be combined to form mayonnaise.)
An Emulsion is the blending of two non-mixable ingredients like oil and water so they may penetrate the surface layers of the skin. This process usually requires a third substance called an emulsifier which is able to bind the two substances together.
Epilation is the process of removing hair from beneath the surface of the skin.
An esthetician is a professional trained to give beauty treatments like facials, manicures, and pedicures.
Evening primrose
Evening primrose is a natural substance used as a toner or moisturizer.
When you exfoliate your skin you remove layers or scales.
An all-in-one preservative that is artificially produced, typically used in creams and lotions. Usually no more than 1% added to natural products.
Natural skin softening agent derived only from vegetable oil, used in natural products. Glycerin can be found in moisturizers; it holds water particles together.
Glycolic peel
A glycolic peel is a method used to exfoliate or remove dead layers of skin.
A humectant is a substance that helps retain moisture. It can absorb water from moist surroundings.
Hyaluronic Acid
This is a natural compound and is the skin's own moisturizer, found in umbilical cords and the fluid around the joints. Skin care products use hyaluronic acid harvested from plant sources. It is very hydrating to the skin.
When you hydrate skin, you add moisture to it.
A Hydrator is commonly called a “moisturizer” and infuses moisture on the surface of dehydrated skin.
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