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How To Repair Split Ends (2)

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What You CAN Do to Repair the Hair
      What you can do when it comes to repairing your hair – namely split ends – is to make the hair APPEAR whole and healthy again. The products that are used for making the hair look healthy again use smoothing agents and lightweight polymers to make the split portions of the hair stick back together. These products can make the hair appear healthier and less damaged, but the results are only temporary. When the hair is washed again, at least some if not all of the benefits will be washed away, and the desired product will need to be reapplied.
      Many of you with straight hair may have used the trick of lightly misting the hair with hairspray because you find your finished style has little “stick-out” hairs all over the place. You simply spray the hair lightly with hairspray and gently pat the hair to make the “stick-out” hairs adhere to the rest of the hair. This makes the finished look smooth, silky and healthy looking.
      That’s the key thing to remember. These hair products cannot MAKE damaged hair healthy again, but they can help damaged hair LOOK healthy. The only things that you can do with products is help to keep your hair healthy, by using the proper products to protect the hair from styling and environmental damage. The rest of the secret to healthy hair is good nutrition and treating your hair like the delicate natural fiber it is.
Split End Tips
Damaged hair with split ends       Since we’re focusing on split ends, let’s take the time to wrap things up by discussing specific tips and product types that will help you cope with split ends. Here are some Dos and Don’ts:
    • DO: Remember that the hair is a natural fiber. Think of it as being like the silky fibers of a fur coat or a silk blouse. You know that these fibers have very specific needs to keep them clean and in good condition. Just as you wouldn’t scrub your fur coat or silk blouse on a washboard, you have to cleanse and condition your hair gently according to its specific needs.
    • DON’T: Over-brush or over-comb the hair. Many people are guilty of this, and I can understand why. For a lot of people the feel of a brush or comb running through the hair feels wonderful. But the purpose of combing and brushing the hair is to remove tangles and make the hair smooth. Once your brush or comb passes easily through the hair, you’re done. If you keep going, you can stress the ends of the hair and lead to damaged ends.
    • DO: Use the right products for your problem. If you have split ends, use a silicone-based smoothing serum on towel-dried hair and comb it through the hair with a wide-tooth comb. Allow the hair to dry naturally, or if you need to speed the process, blow-dry with a diffuser and stop before the hair is fully dry – particularly the ends. Use an addition application of smoothing serum on the fingers to pass through the hair to re-seal any visible splits in the hair.
    • DON’T: Expose your hair to rough environments. Everyone loves the idea of driving down the highway with the wind blowing through your hair. But this can be as damaging as a week’s worth of heat styling stress. The hair is being whipped in several directions at rapid intervals in succession, and the air that’s running through the hair (that feels so good) is leeching away any moisture it can get. Then there is the fact that the hairs are rubbing against one another, which is roughing up the scales of the cuticle layer, and making the hair look frizzed. So, as wonderful as it may feel, keep this to a minimum and always keep a scarf in the car so that you can wrap your hair and keep it protected, and looking fabulous.
      Besides, with the right scarf tie technique, you can bring a little old-style glamour to your road trip. And who doesn’t love a little glamour?
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