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Bleaching agents are still a bestseller and women are still eager to express themselves with a head full of flaming red hair, despite the not always flattering preconceptions, the stigma, and jokes beginning with "Two blondes and a redhead walk into a bar...".
Does Hair Color affect your Mood?
When it's new, it can be an exhilarating feeling. Just like new clothes, you feel attractive and have a fresh outlook on your day. This, of course, wears off as you get used to your new hair color, and it will not be a huge factor in your mood in the long run.
In a negative sense, hair color, if you dislike it, can bring you down. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and not liking what you see in the mirror. Despaired about the gray showing, suffering from a botched dye job, or your outward appearance does not reflect how you feel inside? Should that be the case, grab that phone and dial your stylist's number immediately.
The Blessings in a Tube
One of the wonderful blessings that modern hair products have brought us is almost limitless freedom. Freedom of choice to wear the colors that make us happy. The entire spectrum of colors is at our disposal, and the only limit is your taste and the health of your hair.
The reasons why we choose certain hair colors as our own are the same as those for which we pick certain outfits. Like a black leather jacket gives us perhaps a sense of invincibility, jet-black color in the hair can do the same. A golden blonde lets us feel luxurious and sexy, while red expresses independence and passion. Other extreme hues like purple, blue, or neon green may fill the need to revolt without words, to provoke, and to get attention.
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Whatever the reasons are, we color our hair because we can! Thank you Clairol, Revlon, and all the others who make it possible to do it at home. Permanent or temporary, subtle veils of hair color to enhance our own or bold statements are ways to become artistic with our hair and to live out our fantasies. We live in a time with less judgment and more room for experimentation so that even the toughest clich├ęs are beginning to soften up.
Besides, it is not just the color that makes a look sexy, smart, elegant, or bold. The key is in the combination of color and cut and to make both fit your personality as much and as often as you like.
With this, the author, herself a true chameleon of hair colors, wishes you a long lifetime filled with happy hues!
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