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How to Color Your Hair with Henna (2)

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Let it rest: Keep it for at least 12 hours and up to 24 hours at a temperature between 75 and 95 degrees fahrenheit. It takes that long for the pigment to develop its full potential.
Do a STRAND TEST! Never go without one. Ever person's hair reacts differently to Henna and before you risk a traumatic experience, take a strand of hair from your hairbrush, dip it in the henna and let it develop. Check on the progress several times to see the development of the color: after 30 minutes, after 1 hour, after 2 hours and if you want it more intense, check again after 4 hours. The hair strand test takes a little effort, but it is worth it and very important. You won't have to do it again for the next times you color your hair this way, as long as you use the same brand.
Apply the Henna: This is the fun part. Get ready for a messy, muddy time. You should wear older clothes, have a couple of old towels nearby, rubber gloves on your hands and move any light colored bath mats or carpets away, at least cover them with something. No matter how careful you are, the henna will drop, but it is fairly easy to clean up since potential stains take a while to develop. Separate indididual strands starting in the center or on one side. Henna does not travel well between the hair, so the strands should not be wider than one inch and thin. Cover each strand with the „mush“ and continue until your head looks like the creature from the green lagoon. You can protect the skin around your hairline from getting stained by rubbing some vaseline on it.
girl with red hair Cover your head: Use a plastic bag, a shower cap or ceran wrap to cover your head. This keeps the moisture and the temperature up. For comfort and additional protection of the process you can also wrap a towel or a scarf around it. Make it fairly stable since you will wear this for a while.
Processing time: For best results consider to be called „mud head“ for four hours. You can theoretically also leave it on over night and sleep with it, but I am not sure if that would contribute to a very restful sleep and clean pillows. In the end the processing time depends on the intensity of the color that you want and on your STRAND TEST.
Rinse, Rinse, Rinse! Warm water, lots of it, together with some patience on your side and no panic in the shower will get all of the henna out of your hair. It is important to rinse well. Your hair will have a very herbal smell for a while, which is of a pleasant earthiness, however some people are not happy with it. It will disappear after a few washes.
If things do not work out as expected and you are not happy with the results, please check out our instructions for removing henna from your hair. But that won't be necessary. If you do your diligent preparations, your own research, so that you are fully aware of what to expect and what you want, then you will soon be flaunting your new spicy and firey mane!
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