Henna and Other Hair Color

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Q: Hi there. What will happen to my hair if I put Revlon Colorstay over henna already on my hair?
A: Well, I think you mean "Colorsilk" (as Colorstay is Revlon's cosmetics line), but even so you may encounter problems with the color results due to the fact that henna colorants tend to coat the hair shaft.
Henna colorants are oil-based and tend to seal the hair, which prevents other chemical color processes from penetrating the hair. The hair color could end up splotchy or simply not take at all. Most people who want to switch from using henna products have to remove the henna first.
The instructions for doing so are fairly simple: Apply warm mineral oil to the hair and cover with a plastic cap. Leave the mineral oil in the hair for 25-30 minutes then shampoo the hair using a clarifying shampoo to remove the oil and residue.
Some people report that the removal process takes multiple applications in order to remove some types of henna colorants. The good news is that the mineral oil won't harm the hair, although you will have to shampoo the hair more to remove the oily build-up.
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