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New Year's Hair Resolutions (2)

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       Consider buying yourself some simple, decorative combs. You can find a wide variety of styles and sizes, and with a little practice you can teach yourself to secure your hair as well as with any clip or clasp.
#4) Treasure Your Tresses
       For something that takes so long to grow and which tends to be fragile if mistreated, we really don’t treat our hair with much of a nurturing touch. If you want proof, look at your hairbrush. Is your hairbrush full of hairs wrapped around it in layer after layer? If you answered “yes” then consider that you may be brushing your hair too hard (or at least incorrectly).
       You should NEVER brush your hair when it is wet. After shampooing and conditioning, towel-dry your hair by gently patting and squeezing the hair and scalp with a clean, dry towel. Then, use a wide-tooth comb and start at the ends of the hair and comb the hair carefully to remove any tangles and smooth out any knots. You can blot the hair again at this stage to remove more moisture, then let the hair air-dry or use a low-heat blow dryer to gently dry the hair. Be sure to apply your protective treatment before blow-drying. Once FULLY dry, you can use your brush to smooth out the hair once more again working from the ends up to the scalp.
       {Stylists Note: I have actually seen clients who were impatient following a shampoo and conditioning service grab a round, natural bristle brush and begin raking it through their hair starting at the scalp. One in particular pointed to the damp, broken strands dangling out of the bristles and said “See, this is what I meant by my hair is just coming out when I simply brush it.” She couldn’t make the connection and understand that she was doing something wrong. To her she was simply brushing her hair.}
       Treat your hair like you value it by nourishing and protecting it. Don’t just treat it more gently, but give it what it needs to stay supple and strong. You should condition your hair every day (at least using a leave-in spray or cream conditioner), but you should also give your hair a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Finally, once a month, give your hair a protein treatment to help restore the strength and integrity of your hair.
#5) The Kindest Cut of All
       I know it’s hard for some people to grasp the idea that in order to grow out your hair you need to cut it regularly, but this is true. Well, it’s true as long as you make certain that your stylist understands what you expect of the “cut”. It is always important that your stylist understands your long-term goals for your hair.
       If I have a client with a particular haircut who comes to me and says I just need a trim, I will presume that she wants the hair cut to be like it was the last time I cut her hair into this style. However, if I know that the client is trying to grow her hair out longer, then I know that “just a trim” means she wants to make sure the ends are healthy and even. So I will cut just enough off to remove any split ends and to make sure that the hair ends are even. Since each strand of hair grows at its own pace, over several weeks you can find the neat ends of the hair looking more and more uneven.
#6) Seek Professional Advice
       I am not so naïve as to think that everyone should be able to afford going to the salon every week to have their hair done. Many women are perfectly capable of applying or retouching their haircolor using their preferred haircolor kits and get a nice-looking result. But women who refuse to ever go to a salon professional (for whatever reason) are missing out on a valid opportunity to get professional advice and an informed opinion on possible options for their hair.
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