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New Year's Hair Resolutions

       The start of a new year is always a time for reflection and introspection about our lives. We make decisions about changes we want to see take place and make resolutions to see that those changes do – in fact – happen. Yet, often we miss some things that should be considered and which can make a big difference in how we feel about ourselves and the way we look to the world around us.
Girl playing with her hair        I’m talking about Hair Resolutions. As a group we spend billions of dollars each year to change our hair in one way or another. Whether it’s coloring, conditioning, curling or straightening, it seems that every woman wants to change something about her hair. All these changes can be stressful to the hair and it’s time to take a look at what we’re doing to our hair and rethink the reasons and the methods for achieving the looks we want.
       To that end, let’s talk about some New Year’s Hair Resolutions that could make a big difference in your hair in the coming year.
#1) Learn to Love Your Natural Hair (or at least like it a little more)
       We go through the effort and expense of changing our hair because something has convinced us that it’s not “good enough” in some way. Perhaps you want the color to be brighter or bolder, or you want straight hair but were born with curls. We see images daily that show common hair traits that make us feel that unless our hair is this-way or that-way, we’re never going to be beautiful.
       The trouble is that we forget that “beautiful” is in the eye of the beholder, and perhaps rather than try to change our hair, we need to try and rub the stardust out of our eyes and see the beauty we already have going for us.
       I’m obviously not saying that you shouldn’t try to get your hair to look the way you want it to look. If everyone did that I’d be out of a job. I’m just saying that you should consider that maybe your hair’s natural traits are beautiful, too, and that maybe you don’t need to change as much about your hair as you thought.
#2) Cool Off on the Styling Stress
       Many of us put our hair through some pretty strenuous paces every day. Daily shampooing, blow-drying, curling irons or flat ironing and countless styling products all take a toll on the hair. Often we find our hair feeling dry, rough, and we may start seeing signs of breakage and split ends.
       So, for the New Year, give your hair a break. Whenever possible, let it air-dry instead of blow-drying it. Make sure that any products you use are free of ingredients like alcohol which can dry out your hair. And try to reserve the styling tools (curling irons, and flat irons) for date nights or limited use during the week.
#3) No More Torturing Accessories
       In the spirit of being kinder to your hair and learning to love your hair’s natural traits, you should look at the accessories you use on your hair. I know a lot of women can’t live without their ponytails while they’re out running errands or exercising, but repeatedly twisting a tight elastic band around your hair is simply asking for breakage and damage.
       Why not try a safer alternative? Weave the hair into a braid and secure the end with a clip. This will keep your hair out of your face and keep your hair safe from harm. Even a small segment braided then held with a clip with the remains hanging free will be a safer option and still give you the feel of a ponytail if you like the “swinging” sensation.
       As for the other accessories you might have and use regularly, dispose of any that have metal edges not covered with plastic or which use metal “teeth” to grab the hair. Never use ponytail holders that are joined with metal segments. And simply avoid old-fashioned metal hair barrettes altogether.
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