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This lady was born in a field of flowers. She doesn't think anything of her color, so when you go to lunch with your friends, she has a natural beauty and for some reason seems to gravitate and get along with the natural curly friend. The hairstyle that took you hours to achieve; these two women do nothing to bring about. Not only that, why do they still look so young? What's up with that! They become good friends.
The best is yet to come, I have a friend who keeps the ends of her hair platinum and the root area dark brown. After all, why not let others think; "why darling, my hair is in need of a touch up, and growing out into its natural color of brown?" No one really knows the real color of the new growth, which happens to be white! Therefore, when her hair does grow out, in need of a real touch up, she has three colors coming in, platinum, brown then white. Hello, rainbow!
She is the type that wears baby pink lipstick and thin penciled eyebrows, with a mini skirt, boots and a low neckline revealing lots of cleavage, which would make Dolly Pardon blush. She may not have the best hair I've ever worked on, but definitely the best wit and most fun to be with. I wouldn't trade this friend for all the tea in China. Besides, what would I do with all that tea?
You have seen the lady who has a lot of fine hair. Her texture is fine, but there is a bunch of it. Unfortunately for her, when she stands underneath a ceiling light, you can see the white of her scalp, looking back at you. For this reason, she never, ever stands under a ceiling light again. She has faithfully learned what haircuts work for her and is a tiger in the styling chair when she tries to explain, exactly what she wants. Eye contact is crucial. Listen carefully to her instructions and ask a lot of questions to increase your communication or she will eat you alive! Meow!
We've all seen her come in, because, she only comes into the salon once a year to get her permanent. By this time, she has a whopping six inches of new growth from her scalp with the old perm left on the ends. She refuses to "cut her perm off." Instead of looking better with a trim every six weeks, she keeps it all and gets the most for her money. All hairdressers have a client like this, and have learned to accept this lady along with her mindset.
There is a lady who is eighty years old and comes in for you to wash her hair, because it has become too difficult for her to do. The only trouble is, her hair is in braids and falls almost to her knees. She refuses to allow you, to trim her dead ends and when it is clean, she walks out after it is dry, with it braided once again.
Another lady still bleaches and re-bleaches her hair, herself. You have spoken to her about the brittleness and dryness. Every time you comb her hair, there are flakes of hair that break off and fall. She comes in for you to trim it once every six months "whether she needs it or not."
Lastly, you have the professional girl who comes in every six weeks to keep her hairstyle looking sharp. She is willing to try new things, slowly, and has become a good client as well as a friend. You exchange cards at holidays and always hug her, when she leaves. You know about her marriage, her problems, her children and where she was born and all of her dreams. You appreciate her to the max.
With all that, is it any wonder, why hairdressers are like bartenders and psychiatrists, and most people consider them a unique breed unto themselves and have learned, by experience; to have a ready answer for those in need. I seriously believe we should all petition for a world wide hairdresser day, in that way, we can take our precious time off and do what we love and need the most. Get our own hair done, and go to our therapist.
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