Carmen Electra Hairstyles

Carmen Electra with extensions dark foiled hair Carmen Electra wearing fashionable blonde hair Carmen Electra with long dark hair Carmen Electra with her hair drawn back
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Carmen Electra (born Tara Leigh Patrick - April 20, 1972) is an American TV personality and model. She's famous for her appearances in Singled Out (MTV game show), the series Baywatch and the films Scary Movie, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie and Disaster Movie.
Carmen's hair is much part of her general look that made her famous as her baby blue eyes and she shapely form. She wears it long with a lot of sexy, wavy movement and often in different states of deconstruction to get that coveted "morning after" look.
Her partition usually sits right in the center, giving her hairstyles an easygoing college girl appeal and a pleasing simplicity when she wears her hair in a sleek style.
Layers and tapered sections are the tools to bring more life into long hair and Carmen has used these in all their variety and possibilities over the years. The bright eyed beauty also is no enemy of changing her hair color, which has taken on hues spanning the entire palette between cocoa browns, reds and blonde with different intensity of highlights along the way.
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